This is just a personal site for whatever I feel like putting on it. I do plan on including stuff about religion, witchcraft and politics though. Probably other stuff as well. The fun stuff will be in the "Misc" tab.

Sidebar updates will have the more recent additions at the top and oldest at the bottom. Some topic specific things will only be noted on their relevant pages.

If you're interested, I added a blog/journal to my website. It's not very flashy or exciting, but I think it's a decent addition to this site since it is a personal site, first and foremost.

I've decided to move my blog to Bear Blog. I'll keep the original link and everything untouched for now, but I will be switching.

I do want to do more to make this site more visually interesting, but I'm still learning.

Most, if not all, pages should be viewable on mobile devices.

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