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Freyr is a god of fertility, peace, fair weather and good harvests. Many statues of him from ancient times depicted him with a large, erect phallus. He is widely attested in Norse mythology. Freyr is the son of Njord and his unnamed "sister-wife", and the twin brother of Freya. He rides a shining boar named Gullinbursti and a ship called SkĆ­Ć°blaĆ°nir, which can be folded up and put inside a pouch when not being used.

He is the husband of the jƶtunn Gerd.

Other Names

  • ƁrguĆ° - god of the fertile season
  • FĆ©gjafa - god of wealth-gifts
  • Folkvaldi goĆ°a - foremost of the gods
  • VanaguĆ° - god of the Vanir
  • VeraldargoĆ° - god of the world
  • Yngvi-Freyr

Sources & More

  • Freyr, on the Gods and Spirits Wiki
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