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Most suriving information about Frigga associates her with domesticity, motherhood and prophecy. Frigga, like her husband Odin, possessed a great deal of wisdom. She knows all of the fates, but does not speak of them. Like Freya, Frigga is also skilled in the art of seidr.

Titles and Kennings

  • All-Mother - I am unsure if this is attested anywhere, but it is a popular among modern Norse pagans.

Regional Variations of "Frigga"

  • Frigg - Old Norse, probably how she will be referred to on other pages on this site.
  • Frīja - Old high German
  • Frēa - Langobardic
  • Frīg - Old English
  • Frīa - Old Frisian
  • Frī - Old Saxon
  • *Frijjō - Proto-Germanic (reconstructed), meaning "friend", "love", "freedom", "dear"/"beloved" depending on etymology (ie PIE or other Germanic languages)

Her name is where we get the English word "Friday" and the German word "Freitag".

Sources & More

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