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Thor, the God of Thunder

Thor is probably the most well known Norse god, thanks to his depictions in popular media (ie Marvel's Thor). Thor is the son of Odin and Jord and wields the legendary hammer Mjolnir. Thor, according to surviving sources, is associated with lightning, thunder, strength, storms, trees, and the protection of mankind. He is the wife of the goddess Sif.

Thor is often depicted as a muscular, red-headed, bearded man.

Titles and Kennings

  • Ása-Þórr (Asa-Thor) - Aesir-Thor
  • Björn - bear
  • Harðhugaðr - "Strong spirit", "Brave heart"
  • Friend of Man - from Harbardsljoth(?)

Regional Variations of "Thor"

  • Þórr (Thor)- Old Norse
  • Þunor (Thunor) - Old English
  • Thuner - Old Frisian
  • Thunar - Old Saxon
  • Donar - Old High German
  • *Þun(a)raz - Proto-Germanic (reconstructed), "Thunderer"

His name is linguistically related to the name of the Pan-Celtic god Taranis. His name also gives us "Thursday".


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