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Tyr, Binder of Fenrir

Tyr is a patron of warriors, and is often interpreted as being a god of justice. The Interpretatio Romana shows him as Mars, the Roman god of war. We do have inscriptions naming him as "Mars Thingsus", Mars of the Assembly (Thing being the name of the legislative body in ancient Germanic cultures).

His parentage varies depending on source, with his father being named as the jötunn Hymir in Hymiskviða and Odin in the Skáldskaparmál. As far as I know, a mother is never named for him. I will correct this if I find more information.

His most well known myth is the binding of Fenrir.

Regional Variations of "Tyr"

  • Tīw - Old English
  • Ziu - Old German
  • *Tīwaz - Proto-Germanic (reconstructed), meaning "god"
  • *Tīwaʀ - Proto-Norse (reconstructed)

Tyr may have originally served as a title, rather than a proper name. His name also gives us the English word Tuesday.

Tyr (and its cognates) derive from the PIE "*deywós" (celestial, heavenly one) and the reconstructed PIE god "*Dyḗus".

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