Just a more in depth changelog, mostly for personal reference. Or people who are nebby and wanna know when exactly I made a page.

January 4, 2023 - Added links to the Pagan page, Heathenry page, Norse Gods page and to the Norse gods page (all except Thor). Removed a link from the homepage.

December 20, 2022 - Added a Socialism 101 page, accessible via the politics tab. Links to this site's guestbook were added to the homepage and about page.

December 14, 2022 - Added links to the Gods and Spirits wiki I started with my partner.

November 24, 2022 - Added "Politics" page. Added many things to the "Resources" page, including new sections and more types of media outside of websites and books.

November 19, 2022 - Added a page for Freyr. Several definitions added to "Pagan Glossary". Added a little blog/journal page.

November 18, 2022 - Added pages for Tyr, Loki and Sif. Changed the title of "Norse Paganism" to "Heathenry". Added dividers to the resource page.

November 17, 2022 - Added "Bookmark this page!" button to homepage. This button links to the Marxist Internet Archive. If I'm able to find a button like the "Anarchy now!" one, but Marxism or Communism, it will be replaced. Added content to the page for Odin, Frigg and Thor.

November 9, 2022 - Norse paganism resource page deleted and content was moved to the generic "Resources" (and recommendations!) tab on the navigation bar. This was done to condense the number of pages, since most topics probably will have at least one link or book connected to it.

November 8, 2022 - Began pages on specific Norse deities. Authors and organizations to avoid page added.

November 6, 2022 - Various layout edits done in the paganism section. Glossary of terms added!

November 5, 2022 - Paganism section added, as well as the "What is Heathenry?" page

November 3, 2022 - About page added