Stuff About Politics

I'm an Anarcho-Communist and I took a lot of political science classes in college (and did pretty well!), so I might as well do something with this information. The main focus will be leftist politics in general, with a focus on Anarchism, Communism, Fascism and related topics. I was studying history, so I probably will talk a lot about history when explaining ideas. I think electoralism is a joke, so I'll really only mention electoral politics for the purpose of highlighting this point.

There will, for sure, be overlap between politics stuff and paganism stuff, due to pagans being willfully ignorant of how truly alarming many of our spaces are. Since they're more opinion and/or historical analysis than information pertaining to the actual practice of paganism, they will be collected here.

Of course, my recommendations will be in the Resources tab, along with links on my homepage to the Anarchist Library and the Marxists Internet Archive.

Table of Contents

  • "Socialism 101" - broken down into two sections: one for people who are just learning about socialism and one for people who are trying to talk to family and friends about it