Resources and Recommendations

Links to things I think are good and/or helpful, sorted by topic. I will link to places to get free PDFs of books, if I can find them. I might link to specific pages within websites that are already recommended, if I think they're specifically good.

I know it's cringe to site YouTube videos basically anywhere, but some people do learn better than way. Use these videos only as a starting point and always, Always look into information to verify its validity. This goes for the books too, but obviously anybody with a computer can make a YouTube video.

★ = highly recommended


Obviously, there will be overlap with other topics presented on this page.

YouTube Channels

  • Step Back // history content by a Canadian historian (a historian from Canada, not a historian who studied Canada. He studied the US, actually!). Incredibly easy to understand for those who aren't history buffs while still covering enough information for people who are ★

Paganism & Witchcraft

Occult related topics will also be sorted in this section, for the sake of convenience. Some stuff is historical, but recommended for those learning about paganism.

Anglo-Saxon Paganism

  • [Website] Larhus Fyrnsida // Anglo-Saxon paganism website. Still looking into it, but it seems pretty good so far.

Anthropology + Academic Writing

It's typically good to have a bit of historical information! I'll note if anything is heavily academic though.

Gaelic Paganism

Scotland, Ireland, Isle of Man

  • [Website] Tairis // Information on Gaelic paganism, with a slight focus on Scotland ★

General Paganism + Witchcraft

  • [Website] Internet Sacred Text Archive // Also linked in the religion section, but there are also texts related to paganism and witchcraft on this site. ★

Gothic Paganism


  • [Website] The Longship // goes over the basics of Heathenry, as an umbrella term.

Hellenic Paganism

(Greek paganism)

  • [Website] Theoi // Greek mythology database focusing on information about the gods (theoi) and heroes. Includes information related to their cultus. Fantastic resource! ★

Kemetic Paganism

(Egyptian paganism)

Norse Paganism

  • [YouTube] Jackson Crawford's Channel // Scholar of Old Norse language and culture. ★
  • [Organization] The Asatru Community // Norse pagan group
  • [Book] The Way of Fire and Ice by Ryan Smith // Great introduction and overview of Norse paganism, highly recommended ★



YouTube Channels

  • Philosophy Tube // probably the only time I ever enjoy hearing anybody discuss philosophy ★


Please do more than read theory though. Praxis is also important.




Climate Change

Elections + Political Parties





  • [Website] Marxists Internet Archive // Archive of Marxist literature ★
  • [Book(s)] Das Kapital by Karl Marx // Economics ★
  • [Podcast] The Deprogram // very funny and very informative podcast, hosted by YouTubers Second Thought, Hakim and Yugopnik. Came for the politics, stayed for the homoeroticism. 10/10 ★

Nazi Germany

Property + Landlords

Protests + Activism



United States

YouTube Channels

  • Yugopnik // political analysis. I like this guy a lot, overall ★
  • Second Thought // very good, easy to digest socialist content. Great for sending to your boomer parents who think Bernie Sanders is a communist ★
  • Hakim // Marxist content by an Iraqi Marxist-Leninist. Definitely a perspective I didn't even know I needed until I started watching/listening ★
  • The Deprogram // channel for a great Marxist podcast hosted by YouTubers Second Thought, Hakim and Yugopnik ★
  • The Gravel Institute // "Leftist PragerU". Not my favorite, but if you've got a family member who's into that Fox News, PragerU type of nonsense...a more liberal, center-left channel may be a better starting point than other channels I say "send these to your boomer parents" to
  • Thought Slime // very funny, thoughtful leftist content. No star simply because this isn't a channel I'd recommend to people who aren't informed on socialist politics
  • NonCompete // running out of things to say, help me. Anti-Capitalist, Anti-Imperialist YouTuber.
  • Chill Goblin // another funny anarcho-communist from Canada. Seriously, he's like the third one on here so far.
  • Renegade Cut // absolutely love this guy's content (though, no star because it is mostly media analysis)


Probably going to skew heavily Jewish, sorry.

General Religion


  • [Website] Keshet // Website dedicated to LGBT equality. They have a directory of LGBT friendly synagogues, schools, rabbis, et cetera. ★
  • [Book] Since Sinai by Shannon Gonyou // The author's journey as a convert to Judaism, including how she came to the decision and how the process went for her. Great book. ★
  • [Organization] Jewish Voice for Peace // An organization dedicated to peace in Palestine and Israel
  • [Book] Essential Judaism by George Robinson // In depth overview of Judaism and Jewish culture. Very dense, roughly 600 pages if I recall correctly, but incredibly worth reading ★
  • Living Judaism by Wayne D. Dosick // Pretty good overview of Judaism


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